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Are There Different Types of Work Injuries for Workers Comp Claims?

There are two common types of workplace injuries for workers compensation claims. These include acute injuries that occur right after an accident and occupational diseases that develop over time. A third less common type of workers comp claim involves injuries that arise over a few days or weeks. The following are possible examples of the different types of injuries that may lead to these claims.

  1. Acute injuries: Workers who are injured by falls or blunt force trauma are more likely to suffer an acute workplace injury. These are injuries that appear immediately following an accident.

  2. Occupational disease or injury: These are injuries that can take months or years to develop. For example, it can take many years before workers develop mesothelioma after exposure to asbestos. Silicosis is another example. This condition develops after exposure to crystalline silica.

  3. Nonacute injury: Workers can suffer injuries that develop over a period of days or weeks. For example, musculoskeletal injuries can occur after several days of heavy lifting. Another example could be PTSD, which may be caused by an injury that occurred weeks beforehand.

What Steps Can Workers Take After Suffering from Work Injuries?

It is important to complete the necessary paperwork after suffering from a work injury. This includes completing a written workplace accident report with your employer and a First Report of Injury with the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (Ohio BWC). Workers or their attorneys can file this paperwork with the physicians they are receiving treatment from or their employers.

It is important to file workers comp claims as quickly as possible. After noticing an injury, there may be a two-year window to file your claim. Workers may not be able to file a claim after this point. An Ohio workers comp attorney can help injured workers improve the chances for receiving benefits needed to recover.

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