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Are Roadside Workers Safe from Construction Accidents?

Five Ohio construction workers were injured when a Chevrolet Cavalier drove into the area where they were servicing power lines. The large four-door sedan drove left of the center lane and into a utility truck full of workers. Five victims of the roadside construction accident were taken to a local hospital and charges are pending against the driver of the sedan. Two victims of the construction accident were in serious condition and had to be evacuated from the area by an emergency helicopter.

Roadside construction workers cannot rely on their own safety training and equipment, but must be able to trust that drivers will operate their vehicles responsibly. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, and roadside construction workers can face fatal work accidents or catastrophic injuries.

Why Do Roadside Construction Accidents Happen?

It will take multiple investigations to answer that question, but accidents prior to this one show that drunk driving, motorists failing to see construction zones, speeding and distracted driving can put roadside construction workers at risk.

Unfortunately, bad driving habits are an epidemic on American roads. For example, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that every day, 660,000 drivers are using mobile phones while driving. What does this mean for roadside construction workers?

Roadside workers are not as safe from construction accidents as they could be.

Can Construction Accident Survivors Receive Benefits?

Construction workers struck by vehicles are likely to have catastrophic injuries that will require a lengthy period of rehabilitation and expensive medical bills. Being hit by a vehicle can lead to spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries. Worst-case scenarios involve construction workers losing their lives and leaving behind devastated families.

Depending on the circumstances of the accident, construction workers might be able to receive workers’ comp benefits and possibly additional money from a personal injury lawsuit. Contacting a workers’ comp attorney can help injured workers find out what options are available.

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