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Are Workers More at Risk for Accidents During Snowfall?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has released a public statement warning construction workers to take extra precautions while working on rooftops during snowy weather.

According to the regulatory agency, employees who work on roofs and other buildings should be aware of fall hazards. Workers are at risk on surfaces that are weighed down by snow and at risk of collapsing.

Snow can also hide hazards such as skylights, which workers could fall through. Power lines and other electrical hazards can be concealed by snow, putting workers at risk for electrocution.

OSHA has warned employers that it is possible to remove snow without risking the lives of workers. Ladders, aerial lifts and equipment made to protect against falls and slips should be used. Employers are encouraged to train their workers how to use safety equipment while clearing snow from rooftops.

Ohio, like most of the northern United States, can produce very cold and snowy weather, even late into winter. Employers should consider seasonal hazards when training employees so a safe working environment can be maintained.

Can Employees Injured by Falls Apply for Workers’ Comp?

Workers who survive falls can be left with broken bones, traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. Major health complications can keep workers from performing their job, and they might have the option for filing a workers’ comp or disability claim.

Additional damages might be an option depending on the circumstances of how the worker was injured, and speaking to an attorney can help you figure out what benefits are applicable to your situation.

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