Are Working Conditions for Ohio Workers Getting Better?

Employers have a duty to provide a safe workplaceOhio’s economy may be improving, or at least that is what the latest State of Working Ohio report has to say. This is great news considering the economic slump our state has been climbing out of for the past decade. However, not everything in the report was good news, and it could mean workers working harder for less.

 What Is the State of Working Conditions for Ohio Workers?

Last year, the average median wage for Ohio workers went up. Considering that the state’s median wage went up in 2015 as well, that’s great news. It means wages grew two years in a row for the first time in a decade. The unemployment rate in our state also stayed below 5 percent last year, further bolstering improvements in our state’s economy. This is pretty good news, but there are still issues weighing on workers all across the state.

There was a very small increase in the amount of people participating in the labor force last year. That could be a sign that people who were laid off or lost their jobs aren’t being attracted to new positions. This could also be a result of employers cutting back on the benefits their workers receive. And even though the median wage increased, wage growth was low among the most common jobs worked in Ohio. These jobs also have the problem of low pay—workers often making less than $34,000 a year.

What Does This Mean for Working Conditions?

This means many laborers in Ohio may find themselves working harder for less money. This could slowdown economic expansion and affect your workplace as well. Hard work to make ends meet could result in increased on-the-job injuries, and that could leave many workers unable to maintain their income.

This makes safety in the workplace more important than ever, and if you can’t avoid injury, then making sure you are properly compensated is the next important step. Don’t hesitate to file an injury claim, time limits have recently decreased, so contact an Ohio workers compensation attorney to make sure you know your rights as a worker.

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