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What Types of Hazards Are Common to Metal Processing Factories?

If you work at a facility responsible for processing metals such as iron or steel, you should be aware of the potential hazards. Metal work utilizes large industrial machinery requiring special guarding to prevent injury. Take a look around your facility and make sure that all pieces of machinery are properly guarded with precautionary signs posted nearby. In addition, check to see if the workers operating large powered machines are wearing the proper protective gear. Workers often run a risk of electrocution unless properly insulated from the machines they use on a daily basis.

Recently, the United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cited the Dayton, Ohio-based Lapmaster Precision Finishing Services Inc. for 11 safety and health infractions. “Companies, such as Lapmaster Precision Finishing Services, who are cited for repeat violations, demonstrate a lack of regard for employee safety and health,” said the OSHA area director. “Employers are responsible for identifying hazards that exist in their workplace and training workers to follow proper procedures to prevent injuries and illnesses.”

I Need A Workers’ Compensation Attorney In Ohio

OSHA inspectors identified a lack of safety procedures for powered machines, failure to train employees in lockout procedures and a lack of energy control procedures. As such, workers operating heavy machinery are at risk for serious injury or death. If you or a coworker feels that your work environment is less than secure, contact us and our Columbus workers’ compensation attorneys can help. Our legal team has over 80 years of combined experience defending the rights of injured workers and whistleblowers in the Ohio area and beyond. For more information, call us today at (614) 221-7548.

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