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What Does It Take for OSHA To Get Involved in a Workplace Accident?

An anonymous security guard for the Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station in York County, Pennsylvania is at odds with his employers over the events he says occurred in a guard tower at the nuclear power plant on October 13. The guard now walks with a cane and suffers memory loss, emotional issues, complications stemming from a concussion and back and knee injuries because of a collapse of the tower wall.

While watching the plant from the top of the tower, the guard was struck by a falling microwave and refrigerator when a shelving unit disconnected from the crumbling wall. It was half an hour before anyone found him lying unconscious on the floor of the room.

Because he was rendered unconscious, it is required by state law for the incident to be recorded for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The event remains under investigation by OSHA to determine if the power plant is culpable for the broken wall and malfunctioning shelf.

It is required that the employer report to OSHA following a hospitalization, amputation, loss of eye, or death of an employee. Recording of the incident is necessary in incidents involving loss of consciousness.

Have Unsafe Work Conditions Led to Pain and Suffering for You?

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Did You Know?: Nuclear power stations are only required to report injuries involving contamination of workers or fatalities to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

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