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What Caused a Newark Chemical Plant Fire?

According to the Columbus Dispatch, five people were injured on December 21 in a chemical plant fire caused by an explosion in a collection tank in Newark.

The fire took place at an Arboris site, on Tamarack Road, and was extinguished by emergency crews. According to its website, Arboris produces “naturally-occurring sterols, similar to cholesterol, which are used primarily in heart-healthy food products.”

The explosion occurred in a collection tank at the site that was holding hexane and ethanol. Five people were reportedly hurt by the blaze—officials said their injuries did not appear to be life-threatening. No further details were released, and the accident remains under investigation.

Fire incidents at worksites involving chemicals are not uncommon. They can occur for a number of reasons, including:

  1. The failure to maintain and repair equipment

  2. Equipment/storage defects

  3. A lack of safety procedures

  4. The failure to follow safety regulations around certain chemicals

Have You Suffered Burns at Work? What to Do Following a Fire

It is sad whenever someone is injured in a workplace fire, as severe burns can cause scarring and a lifetime of pain and suffering. If you work in manufacturing or have a job with physical demands, burn injuries can limit your ability to earn money, as they may keep you from working, as you go through therapy and rehabilitation.

Additionally, burns can cause tremendous psychological trauma to victims, who may suffer from depression if they experience long-term disfigurement.

This is why you should talk to a workers’ compensation benefits attorney if you are ever injured in a fire at work. You may be able to collect money while you are recovering from your injuries or you may be able to file a lawsuit against a manufacturer that produced a defective product leading to a fire.

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