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What Are Some of the Most Common Work Injuries Electricians Face?

Our world is powered almost entirely by electricity. It keeps the lights on at night and the hospital machines running. Because it is so integrated into every aspect of our lives, the people who work around it should be treated as equally important. Electricians risk injury and even death to keep our world electrified, and deserve our respect and admiration for doing so. What better time than this, National Electrical Safety Month, to review some of the most common work injuries electricians face to keep our world spinning.

3 Most Common Risks Electricians Face Daily

  1. Electrocution – This is the most obvious risk. It’s also one of the deadliest. Almost 100 workers were killed by electrocution in 2016. Hundreds more sustain injuries when shocked.

  2. Falls – Electricians are often required to work up high, on power lines for example. This puts them at serious risk of fall injuries. Falls account for more injuries and deaths among workers than anything else every year.

  3. Burns – Electrical burns are another extremely common risk faced by electricians. Electricity can actually cause two different kinds of burns. Electrical burns, which occur when you come into direct contact with an electrical current, and thermal burns that happen when exposed to an arc blast.

Most of the injuries and deaths that occur each year likely could have been prevented. Employers have an obligation to keep the people working for them safe from harm. That means they have a responsibility to properly train their workers in safety protocols, maintain the safety of equipment, and make sure that all unnecessary risks that may lead to fall injuries and the like are fixed.

The Ohio workers comp attorneys with Larrimer & Larrimer, LLC have the greatest respect for workers in any industry and fight fervently on their behalf if they are injured by the carelessness or negligence of another.

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