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What Are Common Myths About Receiving Disability Benefits?

In some cases, employees injured during work accidents will be unable to return to their occupation for an extended period. For people who remain disabled long after their work accident, Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) can provide benefits.

Many myths exist about who is a candidate capable of receiving SSDI benefits, and injured workers deserve to hear the truth.

  1. Some may believe the Social Security Administration will automatically deny people seeking disability claims for the first time. In the event injured workers are denied disability claims, they may be able to appeal the decision.

  2. Another myth is that injured workers can only get either workers’ comp or disability benefits. Injured workers might be able to receive both, as the benefits come from separate organizations. The Social Security Agency manages SSDI benefits. Workers’ comp benefits come from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. However, SSDI benefits may be reduced if workers are eligible for both.

  3. It is a common misconception that benefits can take months or years to receive. Receiving benefits can take time in some circumstances, but having a disability or workers’ comp attorney can speed up the process. Attorneys have experience with excessive paperwork and fighting to get injured workers benefits.

Can an Attorney Help Injured Workers Receive Disability Benefits?

Workers’ comp attorneys want to help injured workers receive the benefits they need and deserve. Having an attorney advocate for you can help increase the chances you receive benefits and can alleviate any confusion.

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