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The 10 Most Common OSHA Safety Violations

Employers should make workplace safety a priority. Unfortunately, some companies tend to value profits over the safety of their employees. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is responsible for enforcing safety regulations, and disciplining those that fail to comply.

10 Most Commonly Cited OSHA Safety Violations

  1. Fall Protection – Employers, especially those in construction, have a duty to keep their workers safe from falls. Fall-related injuries are the most common cause of injury and death among construction workers.

  2. Electrical Requirements – Electrocution is one of the fatal four of construction accidents, and results in hundreds of injuries and deaths every year.

  3. Respiratory Protection – Employees who may be at risk for respiratory illness, or may be exposed to hazardous chemicals, should wear respiratory protection.

  4. Ladders – Employers who knowingly allow their employees to misuse ladders, or use faulty ladders, could face penalties for safety violations.

  5. Scaffolding – Improperly constructed scaffolding is another common cause of injury among construction workers. Employers have a responsibility to ensure scaffolds are safe.

  6. Lockout – Lockout injuries happen when a machine is suddenly energized, causing it to start up unexpectedly. It can also happen when leftover energy is discharged.

  7. Communication Failure – Failure to communicate hazards to their employees is another common safety violation companies are frequently cited for by OSHA.

  8. Industrial Trucks – There are many regulations pertaining to maintenance, design, and usage of industrial vehicles that your employer is required to know and obey.

  9. Machine Guarding – Employers should never tamper with machine guarding, and are required to provide employees with necessary protective gear.

  10. Wiring Methods – Electrocution is a real worry, especially in construction. Cutting corners or using improper wiring methods can lead to serious injury or death.

These common OSHA safety violations are easily prevented, but cause thousands of injuries and deaths every year. Don’t let yourself become another statistic. Speak up about safety violations and help educate your coworkers.

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