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Safety Tips for Working on a Multi-Employer Job Site

Constructions sites known as multi-employer job sites have employees working for several different companies, performing tasks that have varying degrees of safety risks. The potential for accidents is increased in this environment, and more safety precautions need to be taken by both the employers and the employees. When employees working for one company have a certain set of safety standards, they can be reluctant to tell this information to contractors, because they assume that the contractor is responsible for their own safety. Legally under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), this not always the case. Keep reading to see how OSHA defines different employers and how problems can arise.

Defining Different Employers

  1. A controlling employer is the employer with authority in supervising the work site. They are obligated to correct safety issues and require others to correct them.

  2. A creating employer is an employer that creates a hazardous condition.

  3. An exposing employer is an employer who exposes their employees to a hazard.

  4. A correcting employer is responsible for correcting the hazard.

How Problems Can Arise

Many dangerous tasks with certain safety standards are contracted through different companies. If the contractors neglect their safety responsibilities, employees of the controlling employer may feel that they can’t say anything to the contractors, and may not report these issues. The controlling employer can still be held accountable if their employees are being placed in an unsafe situation by a contractor. It is in the employer’s interest to get the contractors to oblige to proper company safety procedures.

Situations like these happen often on construction sites, and there are many laws regulating safety and liability for the workers. If you notice an employee disregarding safety on the job site, report the issue immediately regardless of who they work for.

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