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OSHA Fines Pennsylvania Facility for Serious Safety Violations

A Danco Precision Inc. facility in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania faces fines for safety violations from the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), according to OSHA officials cited 13 serious violations back in March. Violations include failure to control potentially hazardous materials, a lack of a hazard communication plan and proper training. Proposed fines total $55,500.

“These violations pose serious risks to Danco Precision’s workers and must be corrected immediately,” said regional OSHA director Albert D’Imperio. “OSHA will continue to hold employers legally responsible when they fail to comply with the law and keep workers safe.”

Officials also cited less serious violations related to machinery and equipment. Although the violations are less serious, but can still cause worker injury and are sometimes indicative of a lackadaisical culture of safety at a facility.

“A lot of the violations deal with mechanical power presses and machine guarding for machinery that can cause amputations,” D’Imperio said. “If a machine can punch or stamp metal, you can imagine what it would do to a hand.”

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