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OSHA Fines Ohio Painting Company for Fatal Work Accident

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has fined an Ohio painting company $199,000 for the deaths of two workers. Both workers died while in the process of painting a water tower. According to an OSHA investigation, the scaffolding and suspension ropes holding the two workers failed, sending them into a 100-foot fall.

OSHA has cited the company for 30 safety violations overall, 17 specifically for the fatal work accident that took the lives of the two workers. The company was cited for failing to provide proper equipment and for inadequate safety inspections and training.

As we have mentioned on our blog before, it has become more common for employers in the state of Ohio to provide inadequate safety training.

How Common Are Fatal Work Accidents Involving Falls?

Falls are a contributing cause of fatal work accidents in the workplace, especially among construction related jobs. In 2013, OSHA statistics found that out of the 4,101 fatal work accidents nationwide, 302 were due to falls. OSHA regulations require that workers be given safety equipment and training that can prevent fatal falls.

Depending on the job site, employers are required to provide safety harnesses, safety nets, stair railing, handrails, and to provide protection against holes which employees might accidently fall through. OSHA regulations require that employers always provide proper training and safety equipment.

What Can be Done After a Fatal Work Accident?

Fatal work accidents can cause surviving family members both emotional and financial turmoil. In the state of Ohio, families that have lost loves ones might be able to file for workers’ compensation and could possibly have additional claims. Contacting a workers’ comp attorney can help find out what you qualify for in a free consultation.

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