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OSHA Cites Toledo Facility for Repeat Violations

Federal inspectors from the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cited a Toledo facility for multiple safety violations, according to OSHA cited Precision Steel Services, Inc. for 11 safety violations, including one repeat violation for a forklift that needed repair and was still in use.

“OSHA takes all safety and health violations very seriously,” said OSHA area director Kimberly Nelson. “However, repeat violations, in particular, indicate a lack of commitment to these issues, and OSHA will hold employers responsible to ensure that workers are protected from preventable hazards.”

Nelson is right—repeat violations are inexcusable. It indicates that the employer is aware of the problem, but is not committed to correcting it. OSHA proposed fines totaling $66,330; that should certainly grab their attention.

OSHA has cited Precision Steel a total of five times. An inspection in 2009 resulted in seven serious violations, one of which also involved an improper forklift.

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