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OSHA Cites Illinois Facility for Safety Violations

The US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has fined Prinsco Inc., a Minnesota-based drainage pipe manufacturer, for multiple safety violations. OSHA officials inspected a Prinsco facility in Illinois and cited 14 serious violations. Citations included a lack of protective guards on belts and saws, a lack of emergency exits, ladder violations and hazardous circuit breakers.

“Employers such as Prinsco that record a higher-than-average rate of days lost due to injuries demonstrate a need to re-evaluate their safety procedures,” said OSHA’s Todd Bielema.

The cited facility employs 40 workers. According to Prinsco Vice President Jeremy Duininck, the company will be requesting a hearing with OSHA to discuss the citations. He claims that “75 percent” of the violations were corrected before the officials even left the facility during the inspection in May.

“I am surprised by it because we dealt with these citations with OSHA in a very straightforward manner,” said Duininck. “Now we have a conference meeting set up with them next week,”

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