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OSHA Cites a Cosmetics Manufacturer

A cosmetics manufacturer in Connecticut is facing fines from the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for violating safety violations and putting its workers at risk, according to OSHA officials inspected the U.S. Cosmetics Corp facility and cited management for failure to provide employees with personal protective equipment and failing to properly label hazardous chemicals. OSHA also cited the facility for a lack of emergency exit signs, unsecured gas cylinders and a lack of precautions to control flammable vapors.

“These citations address a cross section of electrical, mechanical, chemical and other hazards that can exist in a manufacturing environment, but which much be addressed systematically and effectively to protect the safety and health of workers at this plant,” said regional OSHA director Warren Simpson. “Left uncorrected, they expose employees to the hazards of electrocution, arc blasts, lacerations, falls and being trapped or overcome in confined spaces.”

Proposed fines total $53,561. These are very serious violations that could result in catastrophic injury or even a loss of life.

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