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Ohio Welding Company Fined for Fatal Work Accident

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has fined an Ohio welding company after a fatal work accident. According to OSHA, the welding employee was cutting metal on a roof when he struck an unguarded electrical wire, leading to his death.

An inspection revealed that the company had not taken precautions to protect workers from electrocution, and they were cited for eight serious safety violations. Fines to the company could total $115,000. In addition to unsafe work conditions, the company allegedly did not properly train workers on how to avoid potential electrocution hazards on the job.

OSHA regulations specify that employers must be sure that electrical lines and equipment are absent of voltage, so workers are not at risk for electrocution. Lockout/tag out regulations requires machinery and electrical equipment to be powered down if employees are working in the area.

Electrocution accidents are a common occurrence in the construction industry. According to statistics released by OSHA in 2013, 71 out of 796 fatal work accidents were due to electrocutions.

Can Families Receive Benefits for Fatal Work Accidents?

In the event of a fatal work accident, family members of deceased workers might be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, and in some cases, wrongful death compensation. Contacting an attorney can help families who have lost loved ones to fatal work accidents find out what options can provide compensation.

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