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Ohio Universities Given Grant by BWC to Research Workplace Safety

Researchers at six Ohio universities have been given a $2 million grant by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) to improve workplace safety.

According to the BWC, researchers will aim to improve upon existing workplace safety practices and introduce new approaches to preventing injuries and occupational illnesses. At Ohio University, $245,000 in grant funds will be given to the OU College of Engineering and Technology to assess the safety of manufacturing companies in Ohio.

Funding for the grants come from the BWC’s Another Billion Back program, which offered public and private employers a rebate to improve worker safety research and training.

Due to large investments in worker safety last year and a commitment to reduce fatal and non-fatal work accidents, it is surprising to find that accidents are still plentiful.

Does Ohio Need to Improve Workplace Safety?

Several weeks ago, we wrote about an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announcement that fatal workplace accidents were on the rise in Ohio. According to OSHA, younger and more inexperienced workers were not being properly trained by companies to handle potentially hazardous situations.

Among the causes of deaths were falls, being struck by vehicles and getting caught in machinery. Since the start of 2015, a worker has died in a fatal workplace accident every week.

Fortunately, injured workers have the option of filing for a workers’ compensation claim to receive benefits. In addition to injured workers, family members who have lost loved ones are eligible to receive benefits in Ohio.

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