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Ohio Special Investigations Department Report Shows $55 Million in Savings for BWC

The Ohio Special Investigation Department published its annual report for the 2013 fiscal year. The report shows recent performance statistics, ongoing trends as well as future strategies for preventing and detecting fraud.

The SID report shows $55 million in savings for the Ohio workers’ compensation system during the 2013 fiscal year. Among the 2,000 cases closed, 915 cases averaged saving of more than $60,000. Of those cases, 236 were referred for prosecution, resulting in 134 indictments and 140 convictions, as of August 12.

“Workers’ comp fraud comes in many forms, and we will utilize all of our resources to detect, investigate and deter deception wherever it exists,” said BWC Administrator/CEO Stephen Buehrer. “Filing false or exaggerated claims are forms of fraud that are especially disturbing, given there are so many who would like to return to work but have very real injuries that keep them from their livelihoods.”

It is not fraud it you were injured, are unable to work and claim workers’ compensation. If you are not sure, call us. We assign a lead attorney and legal assistant who only handle workers’ compensation cases, but the most import person of our team is you. We charge no fees for your initial case evaluation, and generally, we can meet with you immediately. Call our offices today at (614) 221-7548 for a free consultation.

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