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Ohio Metal Coating Plant Continues to Violate This Same OSHA Safety Regulation

A metal coating plant in Sylvania, Ohio has been accused of violating the same OSHA safety regulation it has been cited for in the past. Moore Metal Finishing was previously cited for failing to provide its employees with the necessary protective gear.

Investigators working for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) were conducting a follow-up inspection when they found the safety violations. Moore Metal Finishing was then cited for one willful, five repeated, and four serious violations. The company is facing as much as $115,000 in penalties.

The inspectors have found that workers at the plant are continually being put at risk by the company. Moore Metal Finishing is required to offer their employees specialized clothing and gear to protect them from daily exposure to splashing acids and hot metals, as well as hazardous chemicals. However, since they were cited back in 2012 for the same offense, they have still not met the required safety standards.

The area director at the nearby OSHA office has said that the company “continues to maintain an environment where employees are exposed to serious chemical and machinery hazards.” She went on to say that the company should make a real effort to correct these failures, or else more hefty penalties are likely to come.

What to Do If You’re Hurt in a Work Accident

If your employer is asking you to work in a dangerous environment, you should immediately file a complaint with OSHA. Do not allow a company to prioritize its own profits ahead of yours and your coworkers’ safety.

If you’ve been injured in a work accident, you should contact a workers comp lawyer as soon as possible. Before accepting any workers’ compensation, talk to an attorney about your legal options.

The Columbus workers comp lawyers at Larrimer & Larrimer work as a team to take the legal burden off your shoulders during this trying time. Let us handle the financial worries while you focus on your recovery.

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