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Ohio History Center in Columbus, OH

The Ohio History Center in Columbus, OH is a fascinating museum that tells the story of Ohio and its people. From the earliest days of Native American civilization to modern times, visitors can explore all aspects of life in Ohio with careful detail and comprehensive exhibits. The center also has an extensive library for those who want to continue their research or just learn more about this great state. The Ohio History Center is a great place to visit in Columbus, Ohio. It hosts over 30 exhibitions and 40,000 objects which give insight into the history of the state of Ohio. Columbus, OH can be seen here.

Visitors can see everything from fossils to Native American tools here. There are also many interactive exhibits for children as well as adults to participate in! The mission statement states that it highlights all aspects of Ohio's rich diversity through its extensive collections. With an impressive collection like this one, there really isn't much more you could ask for when visiting the center itself! You'll find yourself learning something new about how important your own home state has been throughout time even if you're not originally from the area, after all, everyone comes from somewhere else at some point in their lives. Click here to read about Argyle Park in Columbus, OH.

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