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Ohio Company Cited For Lacking Machine Guarding

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has fined an Ohio-based chicken processing company $126,500 for exposing workers to dangerous machinery. The fines come several years after the company had agreed to correct safety violations involving machine guarding.

Investigators uncovered multiple safety violations in 2011, and demanded the company fix the problems. When OSHA investigators returned in 2013, the company had still not fixed the violations, which led OSHA to propose fines totaling $288,000. Instead of paying the full amount, the company was able to settle for $146,000.

Now two years later, OSHA investigators are again fining the company for failing to fix numerous violations involving machine guarding. OSHA investigators found machines lacked safeguards, putting workers at risk for amputations. In addition to poor safeguarding of machinery, the company also did not keep logs of workplace accidents and injuries. This is the 26th time since 1990 that OSHA has inspected the company.

Poor machine guarding standards can lead to amputations, blindness, burns and crushed fingers or hands. OSHA requires machines such as power saws, guillotine cutters, shears and power presses to have guarding.

Should Employees Injured By Machinery Get Workers’ Comp Benefits?

Workers who have been injured by machinery might have options to receive workers’ compensation benefits. In some cases, workers will have severe and possibly permanent injuries from machinery and might qualify for disability benefits. Contacting a workers’ comp attorney can help injured workers discover the best options available.

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