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Lou Berliner Sports Park in Columbus, Oh

The Lou Berliner Sports Park is a public park in Columbus, OH. The land was donated to the city of Columbus by Lou Berliner and his family in 1957. In 1966, the first baseball diamonds were installed on the site. Today, there are four fields that can be used for soccer or baseball games. One field is designated as a multi-purpose field where football and lacrosse games may occur depending on availability. There are also playgrounds and picnic areas available within this space for public use! The Lou Berliner Sports Park is a great place for families to play sports. Visit this link for more information.

This park has soccer fields, baseball diamonds and softball diamonds plus an asphalt walking path that goes around the entire thing. There are also some picnic tables on-site as well as restrooms available at all of these facilities. The best time to come out here is during the fall season when people from Columbus go out here to watch their kids play football or soccer games with friends & family members. It's always better than just having them sit in front of the TV or playing video game consoles inside the house if they live close by this area since it gets too cold in Ohio sometimes during winter months where you can't even take your children outside due to freezing temperatures so it's good for them to come out here even if they're just watching other people play sports since it keeps them active. Read about Ohio History Center in Columbus, OH here.

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