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Larrimer & Larrimer, LLC – Ohio Attorneys Fighting for Your Workers’ Comp

Larrimer & Larrimer, LLC has over 80 years of experience fighting for workers who have been injured on the job. Whether you face permanent or temporary disability due to your injury, we will fight for your right to receive workers’ compensation or disability benefits. Our attorneys will help injured workers with paperwork, evidence, hearings and other hurdles that can materialize during the workers’ compensation process.

How Can Larrimer & Larrimer Help Me?

Applying for workers’ compensation is not always as easy as it sounds and it can encompass a long process of multiple steps and procedures. In some cases, your employer or another party may contest your claim to compensation, eliminating your ability to receive income while you are injured. Appealing the contested workers’ compensation or disability claim is the only way to continue to receive income in such a situation, and it will prove exceptionally difficult without an experienced attorney.

Having an attorney that has built a career defending the right for injured workers to receive workers’ compensation or disability will improve your odds of being able to maintain a decent quality of life for you and your family.

Depending on your injury, you may be temporarily or permanently out of work, and it is important that you continue to have the means to live your life.

How Can I Contact Larrimer & Larrimer?

We encourage our readers to reach out to us with questions regarding their case. By reaching out to one of our attorneys, we can help you find solutions to your workers’ compensation problems. You can contact us for a free consultation by visiting our website and briefly describing your case or by calling us at 614-221-7548.

Larrimer & Larrimer, LLC – Columbus Workers’ Comp Attorneys

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