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Illinois Central Railroad Co. Exposed Workers To Lead

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration have cited the Illinois Central Railroad Co. for willful and serious safety violations. The company was demolishing a bridge connecting South Lock Street close to Archer Avenue in Chicago when OSHA inspectors observed the demolition crew working without proper health amenities present. Also, the bridge was coated with lead, which can cause long term health problems if not addressed at the time of the exposure.

According to Calumet City’s OSHA director, “It was unacceptable that Illinois Central Railroad Co. failed to follow safety and health standards that protected workers from the known hazards of lead exposure.” He continued to say that “Lead exposure…can be minimized by taking proper precautions.”

OSHA cited the company one willful violation for not conducting a baseline test of lead exposure. The rest of the citations were serious violations for such infractions as lack of preventative measures to stop lead contamination from work to home life, permitting eating and drinking in lead contaminated areas and lack of sanitation stations.

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