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How Can Lightning Cause Work Accidents?

During the spring and summer months, thunderstorms and lightning strikes can present a significant threat to workers who have jobs outdoors. Construction workers from around the country have been injured and killed during the last few months due to lightning strikes.

For example, in Colorado, five construction workers were injured while working on a job site at an apartment complex. Another work accident occurred in Missouri, where a piece of metal was hit by lightning, fell 130 feet and injured a worker.

These examples can provide a glimpse of the risk lightning poses to construction workers, but any job that requires outdoor work can be dangerous during a thunderstorm. According to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), lightning puts loggers, roofers, telecommunication tower and utility workers at risk for injury or death.

How Can Workers Avoid Work Accidents Caused By Lightning?

The NOAA recommends workers avoid both elevated structures and surfaces that can conduct electricity during thunderstorms. This includes utility poles, ladders, scaffolding, trees and various types of machinery. Working on metal surfaces can also increase the risk of being struck by lightning.

Lightning strikes can cause permanent disability for survivors. A former Columbus firefighter recently spoke to the Washington Times about his recovery after being struck by lightning while attending a charity soccer game. The former firefighter now has great difficulty moving his body.

Workers who have been injured during severe weather might be eligible to receive workers’ compensation or disability benefits. Contacting a workers’ comp attorney can help injured workers and their families discover what options are available.

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