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How Can I Improve Workplace Safety In A Hospital Setting

The Assistant Secretary for the United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently announced a new educational web-based resource for hospitals. The initiative aims to improve workplace safety, thereby reducing workers’ compensation costs. Furthermore, the safety guidelines espoused in the resource are informed by practices that hospitals across America utilize to foster a safe environment, despite the constant commotion of healthcare.

Hospital workers are at the highest risk for musculoskeletal injuries incurred by lifting patients and heavy objects. In addition, exposure to harmful chemicals and infectious diseases are constant threats to the wellbeing of hospital workers. Annually, hospital worker injuries cost approximately $2 billion nationwide in workers’ compensation. By reducing the incidence of workplace injury, hospitals will be much better equipped to deal with their actual patients.

I Need An Attorney That Handles Hospital Worker Injuries

The new resource provides an index of best practices, guidelines for a safety management system and tools to help assess workplace safety needs. If you have been injured in a hospital setting, we can help. Our national workers’ compensation attorneys have extensive experience representing injured workers and securing the compensation they need to recover comfortably. For more information or free legal advice, contact us. To schedule a confidential consultation with one of our national workers’ compensation lawyers, call today at (614) 221-7548.

[Did You Know: An OSHA study states that there were 250,000 injuries and illnesses among hospital workers in 2012.]

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