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Galloway, OH: Tiny Town With Big Attractions

In Galloway, Ohio, you can find many great attractions for a family outing. Galloway is a tiny town with big surprises! There are so many things to do here that it's hard to decide where to start. Galloway has been named one of the best small towns in America and the "Top 10 Places To Raise A Family." Visitors will not be disappointed by what they see in Galloway, as there is plenty of history and culture to explore. Information can be found here.

Galloway is a township in Warren County and home to the Little Miami Scenic Trail. The area has been known for its beautiful landscape since settlers first arrived centuries ago. Visitors can explore many historic sites throughout this small town near Cincinnati, including Old St. Mary's Church, built-in 1831 like other churches on the eastern side of the state to serve Catholics living west of Columbus who had settled along the Little Miami River Valley during earlier decades. Today this church offers visitors tours most weekends, with special events held throughout each year, including art shows and ghost hunts! Another must-see site visiting Galloway is Mariemont, located near Galloway in neighboring Mariemont. This is a quaint historic neighborhood with many Tudor-style homes dating back to the 1920s along tree-lined streets and an old town square with shops and restaurants for visitors to enjoy during their visit. Galloway has long been known as the home to Ohio's finest clay products, including pottery, tile ware, hardware, and more! Galloway's rich history combined with local attractions such as Old St Mary's Church & Mariemont makes this city stand out among other towns throughout Warren County. See here for information about Dublin, Ohio: The Town You Need to Visit This Summer.

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