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Does Ohio Workers’ Compensation Coverage Extend to Other States?

The Columbus Dispatch recently reported that the fund used to cover workers injured for Ohio-based employers has been extended to include additional protections covering those hurt in other states.

The newspaper reported that the protections include coverage that closes a gap between workers hurt in other states, who may be able to collect benefits from the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation. Previously, many victims injured in other states for Ohio companies had to file for workers’ compensation benefits in both states, often resulting in treatment delays.

According to the Dispatch, the Ohio General Assembly recently passed a law granting the bureau the power to contract with insurers to provide coverage for outside states.

“Meeting your workers’ compensation obligations when you have employees working across state lines can be confusing,” said Steve Buehrer, the bureau’s administrator, according to the Dispatch. “This policy offering will bring much-needed clarity for these employers and make it easier for them to expand across the border and still make sure their employees are protected.”

The new protections are expected to be available during the first half of 2016. Some industries that have workers cross state lines include trucking and construction. To be eligible for the coverage, employers must document that most of their business is located in Ohio.

My Employer is Located in Ohio, But I Was Injured in Another State. What Are My Legal Options?

If you are injured at a jobsite in another state, but your employer is based in Ohio, we suggest contacting an attorney in the Buckeye State about collecting workers’ compensation benefits. Although the protections involving Ohio employees being injured outside of the state will be modified, the process is still very confusing and you may need legal assistance.

Remember, through workers’ compensation, you can obtain money for lost income, in addition to funding for medical care, so it is important to seek guidance when you are going through this process. Have a safe and wonderful weekend!

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