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The Most Common Questions Workers' Comp Investigators Ask

Workers' comp investigators have a challenging job. They must interview injured workers, understand the details of their wounds, and ask detailed and probing questions to determine if the worker suffered an injury or was a secondary wound from another cause.

Workers' compensation investigators are responsible for asking detailed questions of individuals who file a claim under workers' comp. These investigators must be able to read between the lines to determine whether or not a claim is fraudulent. If the employee is struggling to receive workers compensation, the employee should contact a workmans compensation lawyer in Columbus.

It is vital for anyone investigating a workers' comp case to know what types of questions they are likely to ask when interviewing witnesses and claimants.

Reasons For A Worker's Inability To Work

What Is the Reason for the Worker's Inability to Work?

Workers' comp investigators would like to know the specific injury that led to the worker's inability to return to their regular job. They will want to know the following:

  • How the injury occurred and if a doctor diagnosed it.

  • Whether the condition will be long-lasting or just a temporary condition caused by a specific event.

  • About the injury's pain, suffering, and other aspects.

  • The prognosis and treatment prescribed for this condition.

  • If this injury affects the worker's ability to perform different jobs.

Did the Worker Receive Any Benefits from a Previous Job?

Suppose the employee received workers' comp or public disability benefits for another condition at any time during work. Workers' comp investigators will want to know if the worker received any other benefits and, if so, when they ended. In that case, they might not be eligible for benefits for a work-related injury. However, you may want to know if you can get disability after a workers comp settlement.

What Was the Date of Onset of the Disability?

Workers' comp investigators will ask for the exact date the employee became disabled by the work-related injury. They want to investigate if the worker's condition has improved or worsened since that date. Additionally, they want to ensure that the worker receives treatment for the condition since its onset and the prognosis of when the employee might return to work.

Was There an Accident or Injury That Caused This Condition?

The compensation investigators will ask if the worker was injured or if their condition resulted from working conditions. It's vital for them to know the circumstances surrounding the damage or exposure to toxic substances at work.

What Type of Work Does the Worker Do?

Workers' comp investigators will want to know all the details of the staffers' work when they were hurt. They will want to know if the worker has the physical and mental ability to perform the job they were doing when they were wounded. It's also essential for them to know if the worker can reasonably perform other jobs in the same field.

How Long Has the Worker Been Doing This Job?

The investigators will want to know how long the worker has been performing this specific job. They will learn if the employee has experience in the field or if they are new to the job. These detectives will also ask if the job the workers did when they were wounded can be learned quickly or requires extensive training.

Does the Worker Have Any Current Conditions Besides Those Incurred During This Job?

Workers' comp operatives will ask for other medical conditions that might affect the worker's ability to perform their regular job or any other type of work. They're interested if the other conditions arose from the same event that caused the work-related injury and if the other circumstances will be long-lasting or improve. Also, learn if your job can fire you while on workers comp.

Has This Condition Occurred Before?

Has This Type of Condition Occurred Before for This Worker?

These investigators will want to know if the employee claims a work-related condition similar to a previous condition. They will ask if the type of condition has occurred with other workers in the same job.

Is There Anything the Worker Would like Them to Know About This Case?

Workers' comp investigators want all the facts of the case. They like to know if there are other witnesses to the injury or conditions that might affect the benefits they receive. Moreover, they want to learn if any records or documents might help their investigation.


Many employees have likely already realized that obtaining Workers' Compensation benefits can be complex. However, a workers' compensation agent can assist them with their claims and provide all the information they need about whether they are eligible for those benefits.

Nevertheless, for a workers' compensation claim to be successful, workers' comp investigators must be able to investigate the incident and determine which party is at fault. If any employee has trouble obtaining workers' compensation, it's best to reach out to Larrimer & Larrimer for extra support.

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