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Caught Gaming the System, Man Returns Ohio Workers Comp Benefits

There are very strict rules in place for receiving aid following a workplace injury, and rightly so—while the programs are extremely beneficial for those who need them, they present an opportunity for people to take advantage of them.

In a recent case, a Cincinnati man was caught breaking workers compensation laws. While supposedly recovering from an on the job injury, authorities at the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC) discovered a video that showed Michael Gundling driving a commercial truck. He was receiving temporary total disability benefits at the time.

“Injured workers are not permitted to work while receiving these funds, as Mr. Gundling did,” said BWC CEO Steve Buehrer. “That money will now be used for its intended purpose: to care for injured workers who cannot work.”

Gundling pleaded guilty to fraud charges and returned the $3,321.39 that he received while working at the trucking company. He also faces possible fines and jail time.

If you have questions about whether you qualify for benefits, talk to our Columbus workers comp lawyers. Since 1929, we have dedicated our practice to helping those injured on the job find ways to recover. Call (614) 221-7548 today to schedule a free case review.

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