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Can OSHA in Ohio Reduce the High Number of Work Accidents?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Cincinnati office has publicly announced that its resources are strained due to investigating a high number of work accidents.

According to a Cincinnati area director, work accidents are so common that an Ohio worker is dying every week. OSHA believes that a lack of attention to safe work practices, poor training and a young and inexperienced workforce are to blame for the rise in accidents.

Companies must properly train employees so work accidents can be avoided. Last year, there were 46 fatal work accidents, up from 38 in 2011.

How Does OSHA Investigate a Work Accident?

When employees are involved in work accidents, OSHA will carry out an investigation. Investigators will attempt to determine if safety regulation violations led to the accident. In the event OSHA investigators discover that a safety regulation was ignored, they will levy fines and request corrective action.

Although carrying out investigations into work accidents is a primary role of OSHA, the organization also issues training programing, responds to employee complaints and inspects companies with poor safety records. Additional responsibilities have become difficult for OSHA’s Cincinnati office, which has dedicated more resources to investigating an influx of fatal work accidents.

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