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Are You a Construction Worker Who Has Fallen On the Job?

OSHA has cited Five Star Commercial Roofing Inc. for another willful safety violation after failing to provide proper protection against falls at a Bartonville site. The roofing company has been cited five times since 2009, with the latest charges stemming from an inspection on March 3.

Roofers at the Bartonville site were working on a roof that was 29 feet high without OSHA-required safety measures, like guardrail systems, safety nets, or personal fall arrest. OSHA Photo of a construction worker

guidelines require these safety measures when workers operate six feet or higher from the ground, so the company was cited for a willful violation with proposed civil penalties of $49,000.

I Fell On the Job. Who Can I Call?

Referring to the company’s multiple violations in the past, OSHA’s regional director in Peoria stated, “OSHA has previously provided Five Star Commercial Roofing with safety information, examples of safety and health programs, training and other information to assist them in abating these safety issues and protecting their workers. Yet the employer failed to ensure that workers were protected.”

Falls are the leading cause of injury in the construction industry, with almost 300 workers fatally injured last year. Is your company doing enough to protect you? If you have questions or concerns about your company’s safety measures, call Larrimer & Larrimer, LLC to discuss your case with an experienced attorney. Here, your safety in the workplace is our top priority.

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