On-the-Job Injuries

Our Columbus Workers Compensation Lawyers Explain On-the-Job Injuries

Injured on the job?We know that an accident can strike anytime, leaving you without a paycheck when you are at your most vulnerable. With over 80 years of experience helping the injured workers of Ohio, each Columbus workers compensation lawyer at Larrimer & Larrimer, LLC understands what you are going through. Whether you faced exposure to a toxic substance, broke a limb or suffered permanent damage due to repetitive motion, our Columbus workers compensation attorney wants you to be aware of your rights.

What Injuries Does Workers Comp Cover?

If you are hurt on the job, then you may qualify for workers compensation benefits. Common injuries at work that we see include:

It does not matter whether the accident was your fault. If you are hurt at work, then you may be entitled to workers comp benefits for your medical bills and lost wages. Our attorneys can also help determine if a party other than you employer may be held responsible for your pain and suffering. If that is the case, we can discuss a third party lawsuit.

What is an Occupational Disease?

An occupational disease is a chronic ailment that occurs because of your work or occupational activity. Work related exposure to dangerous substances can cause occupational diseases. Occupational diseases include:

  • Poisoning because of exposure to dangerous substances like anthrax, lead, mercury, phosphorous, gasoline, benzol, carbon dioxide, brass, manganese dioxide, zinc, wood alcohol, potassium cyanide, sulfur dioxide and radium
  • Glanders
  • Skin infection or inflammation from oils, cutting compounds or lubricants, dust, liquids, fumes, gases or vapors
  • Epithelion cancer or ulceration of the skin or of the corneal surface of the eye from carbon, pitch, tar or tarry compounds
  • Compressed air illness
  • Tenosynovitis and prepatellar bursitis
  • Chrome ulceration of the skin or nasal passages
  • Berylliosis
  • Mesothelioma

These diseases can threaten your health and your financial security. If you are injured at work or have a job-related illness, then contact a Columbus workers compensation lawyer at Larrimer & Larrimer, LLC.

With decades of experience representing the workers of Ohio, we have the knowledge and skill to help you file your initial work injury report as well as successfully appeal a workers comp denial. We represent clients throughout the state of Ohio including Columbus, Zanesville, Shadyside, Newarkand Portsmouth. Our workers compensation attorneys also have years of experience representing hurt workers at hearings in Cambridge. Let our family work for your benefit – call today.