Workers Comp Denial

Why Did I Receive an Ohio Workers Comp Denial?

Columbus Work Injury Attorneys Explain Common Workers Compensation Denial Reasons

Columbus workers comp denial attorneys handling benefit denials and appeal process claims in Newark, Portsmouth, Zanesville and across OhioNot being able to work while waiting for a decision of your workers compensation claim is stressful. What can make this situation even more stressful is if the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) denies your workers comp case. Under state law, the Ohio BWC must make a decision on your initial workers compensation claim within 28 days. Once that time has passed, an applicant will receive a written notification, or order, from the BWC that may deny benefits.

However, after receiving the denial, do not give up. That is what the workers comp insurance company wants you to do because it saves them money. Instead, workers must ask themselves what they can do to fight wrongful coverage denials and what their next step is. Our workers compensation law firm has more than 80 years helping workers uphold their right to benefits under Ohio workers comp laws. If you have been hurt at work, then take advantage of our free workers compensation case review. We can disucss the specifics as to why your initial workers comp claim was denied. By having a lawyer review the BWC Order and the reasons behind the denial, you are in a better position to appeal.

Why Would Ohio Workers Compensation Deny a Claim?

Workers compensation claims can receive a denial of benefits for many reasons. One example is due to the simple fact that the employer’s workers comp insurance company understands the claims process better than employees do. Some of the most commonly alleged reasons for a workers compensation claim denial include:

  • The injury occurred off the premises of your workplace
  • No one witnessed the accident that caused the injury at work
  • Medical records revealed preexisting conditions that may have led to the injury

With pages of documentation and strict filing deadlines, the workers comp claims process can be complicated. This is especially true for workers also dealing with serious on the job injuries. Just like the workers compensation insurance companies, this is not our law firm’s first time handling a workers comp claim. We know their strategies and always work with the best interests of our clients in mind.

How to Appeal an Ohio Workers Comp Denial

Every employee has the right to appeal his or her workers comp denial. Workers can learn why their benefits were denied and what their best options are for an appeal by:

  • Contacting the insurer for an explanation of the workers comp denial
  • If able, address any errors made on the initial claim paperwork
  • Consulting a Columbus workers compensation attorney about filing an appeal within 14 days of the BWC decision

How Can a Work Injury Lawyer Near Me Help with My Workers Comp Denial?

A Columbus workers comp attorney at Larrimer & Larrimer, LLC has the experience to defend your appeal against the insurer’s opposing counsel. Our goal is to provide workers hurt on the job with the resources they need to be successful when filing their initial workers comp benefits claim or when appealing benefit denials.

We have offices in Zanesville, Shadyside, Newark, Portsmouth, Lima and Columbus. We give employees the ability to pursue their workers compensation claims with confidence. You owe us no attorney fees unless we gain a satisfactory result for your workers comp claim. Please call us now to set up a consultation at (614)221-7548.