Workers Compensation Process in Ohio

Workers Compensation Process in Ohio

Columbus Attorneys Explain the Law

Ohio workers compensation laws allow workers to apply for workers compensation benefits after being hurt on the job.All workers in Ohio have the option of applying for workers compensation benefits when they are hurt on the job. Under the law, these benefits pay for the medical treatments that workers need after suffering serious harm. Although it may seem easy to understand these laws, our workers comp attorneys want to provide a more thorough explanation of the rights and benefits Ohio workers have.

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Ohio Workers Compensation Laws

Ohio has one of the most unique workers compensation systems in the country. Unlike other states, the state government provides workers compensation insurance to eligible employers. The Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (OBWC) and the Industrial Commission handle the workers compensation program in the state.

After suffering an injury on the job and filing workers compensation claims, workers are can receive Temporary Total Disability (TTD) benefits worth up to 72 percent of their usual wages in the initial 12 weeks after their injury. The OBWC sets the allowance for weekly minimum and maximum benefits for workers compensation. Benefits are to be paid until the employee can return to work, or reaches “maximum medical improvement”. This occurs when the condition stabilizes and no amount of treatment or rehabilitation is likely to improve the condition.

Compensation is available for the loss of wages that workers may suffer while recovering from their injuries. Known as Wage Loss (WL) Benefits, they are for persons who returned to work but can only work limited hours.

Other Benefits Options

In addition to TTD and WL benefits, there are several other potential sources of compensation. These include:

  • Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) benefits that pay for permanent disabilities affecting a specific body part like a leg, arm, eye or finger. PPD pays for lost wages equal to one-third of the employee’s average weekly wage for up to 200 weeks.
  • Permanent Total Disability (PTD) benefits compensate an employee who is never able to return to work. The payment rate is the same as for TTD, and benefits last for the employee’s life.
  • Living Maintenance (LM) payments last up to six months to help an employee undergoing vocational rehabilitation.

It can be difficult to know what workers compensation benefits to apply for, not to mention the complexity of the application process and making sure that you have the required documentation. An experienced attorney can assist you with the application process. Our attorneys understand the unique Ohio workers compensation laws and can help prevent a denial of your benefits.

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