Do I Need a Workers Compensation Lawyer?

Do I Need a Workers Compensation Lawyer?

Maybe. And Here’s Why You Need a Columbus Workers Comp Attorney

A Columbus workers compensation lawyer makes sure you don't miss anything.The Columbus workers compensation lawyers at Larrimer & Larrimer, LLC take pride in their history of helping Ohio’s injured workers. Our family of attorneys has helped Ohio’s workforce with workers comp claims for more than 80 years. We represent only employees, and we do not accept cases outside of workers compensation and Social Security. Our singular focus gives us a high level of skill, knowledge and authority you can count on. From assisting you in filing your workers comp claim to explaining Ohio workers comp laws to you, our family of lawyers works for your benefit every step of the way. We represent clients throughout the state of Ohio including Columbus, Zanesville, Shadyside, Newark, Portsmouth and Lima.

Three Reasons You Need an Attorney On Your Side

If you suffer an injury at work, then you have the right to file for workers compensation benefits without representation. While the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (the Bureau) approves simple “medical only” claims quickly, it also makes certain to contest complex claims. If the Bureau contests your claim, then having a Columbus workers compensation attorney to help you and provide valuable legal counsel is critical. There are many reasons you need an attorney; here are a few of the most important:

  • The law is complicated. The Ohio workers compensation law requires you to fill out certain forms and obey certain time limits. Without an attorney to guide you, things can be confusing. More importantly, if you do not file your paperwork properly, then the board could deny your claim. Consequently, you could lose your workers compensation benefits.
  • Your employer wants to save money. Employers want to reduce their insurance premiums. You may have an employer’s representative offer to help you, but they are not truly interested in helping you get the benefits you deserve.
  • The Bureau of Workers Compensation is not on your side. The Bureau is looking to save money. You cannot rely on them to explain your rights to you.

Bottom Line? A Columbus Workers Compensation Lawyer Advocates for You and Only You

Do not trust the Bureau or your employer to advocate for you; let an Ohio workers comp attorney from Larrimer & Larrimer, LLC advocate for your benefit. You will never be just a number, and you can count on us for the support you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation.