High-Risk Occupations

High-Risk Occupations

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Call our top Ohio workers comp attorney if you were hurt and work in construction, farming, roofing, law enforcement and more. Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere— including the workplace. Suffering a work related injury is possible at any job. However, certain professions can be more risky than others when employers fail to provide safe work environments, machinery is not maintained and proper safety measures are not taken.

Our family of Ohio workers compensation attorneys has been representing injured workers for more than 80 years. At Larrimer & Larrimer, LLC, we understand the actions that can put workers in high injury risk situations. We know that one piece of malfunctioning equipment or a fall could end your career. We will always treat you with the care and compassion you deserve. Your career is stressful enough – let us take the stress out of the workers comp process.

Examples of High Risk Jobs

The National Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there are approximately three deaths for every 100,000 workers nationwide. Of these deaths, approximately 4 in 10 took place while driving. Other leading causes include explosions, falls, exposure to harmful substances as well as falling objects.

Workers in certain fields also face a greater risk of injury:

  • Construction: Construction sites are among the riskiest work places in America. There is the potential for falls from scaffolding, falling objects, exposure to asbestos and other toxic substances, injuries from power tools and heavy equipment and the potential to suffer burns in an explosion or fire. Though there are many regulations for construction sites, injuries are common.
  • Farming, fishing and forestry: The use of heavy machinery, chemicals, exposure to large animals, and risk of falling from height or falling objects hitting workers puts these workers at a high risk for injury.
  • Aviation, including pilots and flight engineers: Workers face the potential for explosion, malfunctioning equipment and exposure to harmful chemicals, particularly when flying crop dusters or rescue helicopters.
  • Mining: Miners face a number of dangerous conditions including exposure to harmful gas, the potential for exposure to fire, explosions and dangerous defective equipment. The tight, confined spaces can also lead to serious lung diseases.
  • Roofing: Workers deal with the dangers of height and risk falling from ladders, roofs and scaffolding.
  • Sanitation workers: Refuse and recycling workers deal with heavy machinery and the possibility of exposure to toxic chemicals.
  • Drivers, including truckers, bus drivers and salespersons: Long hours on the road lead to the possibility of accidents that could then sideline you from your work.
  • Emergency responders, including police, firefighters and EMTs: Exposure to crime scenes, fire and toxic chemicals and disease frequently puts heroic workers in danger.
  • Trade workers including electricians, steelworkers, carpenters, machinists and plumbers: Exposure to equipment that could be defective, electricity, height and chemicals means these workers could be a split second from severe injury at all times.

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