Why Was an NFL Football Manufacturer Flagged for Safety Violations?

Eye protection can prevent injuriesAda, Ohio has a really big claim to fame. Every year, a factory in this small town produces 700,000 footballs. These “pig-skins” are used at high schools, in the NCAA Football Championship, and in the National Football League. However, a new announcement from the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration casts doubt on this company’s work conditions.

Did an NFL Football Manufacturer Violate Safety Regulations?

In February and June, OSHA went to visit the Wilson Sporting Goods Company in Ada, Ohio. What inspectors found will now cost the factory a little over $65,000 in fines. Several machines used for the manufacture of footballs were not locking out properly. That meant that the machines did not properly cut off power, which resulted in at least one injury.

On June 6th, a worker was troubleshooting a problem with a conveyer. The transporter conveyor was not locked out properly, resulting in the partial amputation of the worker’s finger. Other machines in the factory were also found to have the similar problems during OSHA’s February inspection. Now the agency is fining the company for the issues found in February and June.

What Do I Need to Do If I’m Injured By Faulty Work Equipment?

When work accidents like this happen, workers in Ohio need to know that they will be cared for. Workers compensation in our state provides for the medical costs of employees, and it doesn’t matter if you were at fault for the incident that caused your injury.

However, the system can be complex—employers can challenge a worker’s claim and the Ohio Industrial Commission can deny your claim. For this reason, and many others, you should consult an attorney if you are injured on the job. An experienced Ohio workers compensation attorney knows the fine details of Ohio’s compensation system and can make sure you have what you need in order to file a claim. Don’t hesitate to get help, new laws dictate that you only have one year to file a claim.

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